Staff Augmentation

What is it?

With staff augmentation, you get the best of both worlds—committed team members and external expertise. You get to expand your team with the skills that you need for the project without long-term, costly, or risky commitment.

Have you done it before?

We have years of experience working with clients and expanding their teams. We worked with wide range of clients, from few engineers on the team to over 100 engineers on the team.

Should I rather grow my team?

For long-term engagements, developers will stay committed to your project until you are satisfied or wish to change the contract. You don’t have to worry about team members leaving your project before the job is done.

Staff Augmentation Benefits

Gaining specialist expertise

Improve the level of quality by bringing expertise you need to your team.

Increasing flexibility

Be more flexible and maintain the ownership of the project. Use the resources as you want.

Reducing costs

Don't worry about extra cost for the employee. Benefits, office, health insurance... it's all handled by us.

Meet aggressive timelines

Deliver on your deadlines with more skilled resources.